Akım Koleji

Foreign Languages


Akım schools foreign languages group aims to enable students to learn English using their listening, reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills. The aim of the English program in current schools is to educate students who can use English fluently in written and oral form, read various domestic and foreign texts , and demonstrate independent, creative and critical thinking skills. Our school is based on the common European Language Teaching Framework Plan(C.E.F) in Foreign Language Teaching, and the communicative method(Communicative Approach) is used as the latest and most effective method.

-Aims of our English Department

*Focusing on developing listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills so that

students can express themselves fluently and accurately,

*Creating a free, safe educational environment in which students feel safe,

*Ensuring that students are sensitive and respectful to themselves and others (different cultures),

*To encourage students to be individuals who constantly investigate, wonder, question,

*Continuous interest of students by using the necessary technological tools and equipment in the courses,

*Ensuring that students grow up as individuals with creative and critical thinking skills,

*Supporting students ‘ personal and cultural development using various written and visual resources,

*Instilling in students the habit of independent reading and allowing them to internalize this fluidity as a lifestyle,

* Preparing environments where students can demonstrate their creativity,

* Ensuring that they can conduct analysis by reading various written texts,

* Encourage students to take internationally valid exams such as Starters, Movers and Flyers,Ket,Pet… in accordance with their level, prepare them for these exams and ensure their proficiency in these exams.

One of the most important priorities of Akım Schools is foreign language education.To this end,by supporting its strong staff with foreign teachers,it has strengthened its claim to learn and use foreign languages.Our students who encourter foreign teachers are aware that languages is a communication tool rather than a lesson. A total of 13 language teachers 2 of whom are foreigners,work in our institution.Two of our foreign language teachers are permanently working in our R&D and program development unit.

‘’Language development is the foundation of the need to communicate.’’

(PYP languagescope and sequence and Making the PYP Happen :A curriculum framework for international primary education)

(Language Annexpage 68. IBO 2007-2009)

Language is inherently on interdisciplinary tool. Language development is necessary in order to be individuals who communicate beter in all areas of life and all branches,who are researcher and lifelong learners.Language is important in the development of each learner profile.The ultimate goal is to reach international awareness.

In our opinion,knowing a language is tool to understand a culture,to question ideas and thoughts,to discuss and to reflect.

It is our responsibility to encourage our students to interact as a community of learners.In addition,it is our duty to enable students to use the foreign language in daily life.

One of the steps taken in our school for language education has been to increase to course hours. It has been given more learning opportunities the students with language education When we consider preschool language learning skills such as speaking, listening are important. Accordingly effective learning is aimed by spending time for all skills in the course distribution. In the educational theory adopted by learning,by doing,by experience, speaking practice required for a foreign language learning , in addition to the lessons with other English teachers , speaking lessons are held with foreign teachers two hours a week. Speaking skills are so important for language learning. Children learn the needed ( necessary ) language by using in daily life. The goal is learning foreign languages with active participation of students naturally. It is real that one of the most important source materials is books in language learning.We can say the same rule for language education.Nothing can replace a real book but with online books and activities which are included in our life with the developing technology,we can reach all resources anytime and anywhere,technology allows us to reach more resources especially in English education. With the storytelling lessons which are made as weekly we aim to improve their English vocabulary ,to improve some sentence structures that children need to speak them in daily life and to improve their listening skills. We think about the effect on children of story which is listened by students with listen-ask question-imagine –creat method on behalf of incerasing creative experiences of children,ask question face to face,imagine and finally we finish the lesson with creative activities. In the lessons with lots of fun and full of laughter it is supported these experiences by using role-playing (drama),various games,paintings,maths,cut-paste and handwork (craft) activities.We have international projects that we produced them with the important aims like creating international awareness,recognizing different cultures ,taking attention various global problems and adopting a healthy and decent lifestyle.

As Akım Schools Kindergarten Department,we are a member of program is known “ Okullarda Orman Programı” in Turkey but called LEAF “Learning About Forest” all around the World. This special program was started to carry out by Foundation For Environmental Education-FEE in 1999. The aim of this program is increasing the knowledge about eco-system in forests by organizing the trips to forests which insist on examination and information sharing at an international level. One another aim is using the forests for the purpose of educational activities and supporting the actions regional, national and also international areas.

Within the framework of this program , we make a team including 10-15 students guided by 1 or 2 teachers. This team decide on a Project about forests and carry on a work the whole year. As Akım Schools Kindergarten Department, at the beginning of new academic year We renew our application , prepare a course of action and send our reports of course of actions to Foundation For Environmental Education (TÜRÇEV) .

We are honored to get the certificates each year and complete 5 years in this valuable program.We want our students to create environmental awareness, to be individuals who know nature, learn, have natural curiosity, enjoy learning effectively, research, question and are familiar with the English environmental terms. In the activities we carry out in parallel with our PYP studies, subjects such as science and nature knowledge, love of environmental forest, renewable energy sources, energy saving are discussed. Activities are planned that will attract the attention of our students, offer an interdisciplinary perspective and arouse their curiosity. Throughout the academic year, our little students make progress in becoming individuals who appreciate the beauty of the world and people, enjoy the learning process, respect themselves and others and the world around them, take responsibility when necessary, are aware of their leadership qualities, and are sensitive to differences and diversity in the world.

Our students take the initiative when necessary and take responsible and voluntary actions and they earn our school the LEAF certificate every year with these studies.

Parent information bulletins (newsletters) are shared with our parents every two weeks. The work we do in the school is shared with our parents transparently.

Akım Schools plan their foreign language education by determining their specific scope and rankings while creating the English education curriculum. This means that from kindergarten to the end of high school, our students receive education in a program that follows each other without repetition and at the same time complies with the European language framework standards.

Thanks to this system,which all our foreign language teacher staff came together and created, Akım Schools have standardized and become unique in foreign language education. Although our program is open to development over the years, it will not differ from a teacher to another teacher and from a book to another book, and our students’ Foreign Language Education will provide integrity. For this reason, English coverage and rankings specific to Akım Schools are of great importance in our students’ Foreign Language Education.

All the studies we have done on behalf of language learning are filed during the year. Since each of these studies is a student product, they are the most valuable language achievements. During Portfolio Event Days, students present their preffered studies accompanied by English teachers. In addition, in order for parents to see what the students has learned during the year , individual interviews are conducted in their families accompanied by a foreign language teacher.

Assessment is as important in English as in any field. Development reports are presented to students and parents along with other fields at the end of the semester, provided that there is one in each semester. In these reports , the gains that students should have acquired at the end of the semester are evaluated. Wishes are written by the foreign language teacher in the teacher’s notes.


It is a workshop held by our English teachers at the beginning of each year for our parents. Participants get ideas about how they can support their children in the ‘English Language Acquisition Process’ ,as well as find answers to their various questions.